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Bauer Media - Older women's 'sexy handicap' is skewing industry to young and ignorant

This week Bauer Media presents a powerful, potent and problematic podcast. A CMO, a creative and a publisher talk frankly to Mi3’s Executive Editor Paul McIntyre on the raging bias of ageism in marketing, agencies and media. It’s crippling the marketing industry’s ability to connect with 2 million high-spending, defiant, culturally connected, tech-savvy 50-65 year-old women. Few get it.
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2 September 2019 23 min listen

Meet Your Host

By Paul McIntyre

Executive Editor

Paul McIntyre is a 25-year business journalist and Executive Editor of Mi3, a weekly intelligence briefing for marketers, agencies, media+ tech, backed by the Media I group.

Mi3 was launched in 2019 to distil and advance intelligent cross-sector conversations on global and local industry trends and developments that matter. He is also a contributing editor for The Australian Financial Review.

Paul has covered media, marketing, tech and advertising for titles including The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The New Zealand Herald and Advertising Age (US).