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Penfolds v Louis Vuitton: Chief Winemaker and Global CMO reveal the bold three-year strategy to create a global Australian luxury icon - beyond a fine wine brand

Penfolds Chief Winemaker Peter Gago and global marketing boss Kristy Keyte talk through their ambitious strategy to reinvent Penfolds into an Australian global luxury icon, like Gucci, Aston Martin or Louis Vuitton. Joined by WundermunThompson CEO, Lee Leggett, this conversation is fascinating, including how Penfolds sold-out of the $200,000 release of its Ampoule edition and how they’re managing strategy, product and portfolio management, consumer behaviour, shifting direct-to-consumer and e-commerce models, long-term branding and executional complexity.     
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2 November 2020 40 min listen

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By Paul McIntyre

Executive Editor