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oOh! launches multi-channel Junkee Network to deliver youth audience

By Press release - oOh!Media

3 August 2020 2min read

By Press release - oOh!Media

3 August 2020 2min read

Junkee Media and parent company oOh!media have launched a new youth-focused platform - the Junkee Network.

Combining Junkee Media’s content platforms with oOh!’s outdoor assets in venues and universities across the country, the Junkee Network will be the "largest and most influential" youth content network in the country.

The new model harnesses Junkee Media’s Junkee, Punkee and AWOL titles, which reach 6.4 million Australians, and the scale of oOh!’s digital screens in over 100 university and TAFE campuses that reach 1.2 million students, plus more than 220 social venues. 

The new Junkee Network is backed by oOh!’s Smart Reach offering, which uses advanced data gathering and analysis to ensure brands hit their intended target audience and optimise their campaigns with the most robust information available in the market, minimising duplication and maximising ROI. 

Neil Ackland, oOh!’s Chief Content, Marketing & Creative Officer, said the shift was a major step forward in the evolution of the Out of Home industry. 

“We know that young Australians have a lot of trust in Junkee Media’s brands, so when you combine that with the ability to reach millennials and Gen Z at scale in the key locations they hang out in, Junkee Network will solve a lot of pain points for marketers.

“The future of the Out of Home industry is to continue to evolve to be audience-first, using the smart data capabilities we now have about who those audiences are and what they do.

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By Press release - oOh!Media

3 August 2020 2min read

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