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Coles launches restaurant-supermarket hybrid

The first test store in Victoria is trialing ready-made food, dubbed a 'grocerant', a hybrid food hall concept pioneered by international grocers.  

  • Coles is also stocking its largest range of convenience food options, expanding into 450 different lines including a do-it-yourself pizza station, and fresh pasta and cheese bars. 
  • Over 100 stores across Australia will be converted into versions of this convenience offering before Christmas. 
  • Coles will also look to more concession partnerships with independent retailers.  
  • This concerted push into convenience mirrors similar moves from Woolworths, Caltex and David Jones. 


Coles is pulling out all the stops in its ongoing battle with Woolworths. "The market is going two ways. One is towards value...and the other is towards convenience. And that's what this store caters for," said Coles chief executive Steven Cain.