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Airlines serving up luxury on "ultra-long range" flights

Improvements in technology are increasingly allowing for super-long flights of more than 16,000km and more than 16 hours in the air.  

  • For many business travelersultra-long flights are preferable to airport lay-overs  
  • New fuel-efficient Airbus A350 jetliners have allowed non-stop flights to become financially viable, and sophisticated real-time flight planning software helps to shave slabs of time off long flights  
  • Airlines aim to attract passengers to these ultra-long flights by providing luxuries such as comfortable seats, menu and entertainment options and other extras.  


Improvements in safety and cost are attracting travelers to longer and longer flights, but airlines will need to ensure that they are providing “creature comforts” in order to keep customers happy and willing to fly again in the future. A packet of peanuts will no longer cut it: customers are looking for quality food and entertainment, WiFi and comfort.