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Wasteland of tech tools: Gartner says 80% of marketers will ditch personalisation by 2025. ‘No chance’ says Citi, WPP

Gartner’s provocative forecast that personalisation will prove an expensive wasteland of tech tools in five years has Citi’s Australian head of segments and digital, Roger Slater, fired up. Yes, a day of reckoning is coming for tech vendors and ‘fundamentally lazy’ marketers who think personalisation is a tech problem. But it’s not about the tech, Slater says. WPP’s Adam Good worries there are too many tech Ferraris idling in the garage being used by people "trained in the tools, not marketing”. Another problem. Brand Traction’s Jon Bradshaw has the science. Time to listen up.
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11 May 2020 40 min listen

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By Paul McIntyre

Executive Editor