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Vegemite sees cricket rivalry as a marketing opportunity

Vegemite took out full-page ads in British newspapers to celebrate the Australian win in the first test of the Ashes.  
  • The advertisement is in response to Marmite’s publicity stunt of handing out jars at the Ashes to prove it tastes better. 
  • Marmite, owned by Unilever, has been using the Marmite-Vegemite rivalry across social media as part of its Ashes PR campaign  
  • The full-page ad appeared in UK tabloid The Mirror. 


In the age of social media, brand rivalries have become a popular meme, helping to raise the profile of brands that can strategically navigate the creation of an authentic brand voice and sense of humour. Furthermore, brands than can align themselves with national identity can tap into patriotism around sporting events.  

Source: The Daily Telegraph - Vegemite sledges UK rival Marmite over Aussie Test win