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It’s weird: ‘Bleak’, dystopian under 30s are flocking to the movies for escape and rare big culture moments

Wtf? The number of 14-24 year-olds heading to the box office was up 20% in Australia last year. Under 30s were up 7%. Why? Social researcher Matt Sandwell and Val Morgan’s managing director Guy Burbidge say the vast underbelly of society is feeling bleak - young and old. Fantasy, escape and a desire for disappearing “big cultural moments” are on the rise and this year’s line-up from Hollywood and beyond will fuel the desire for mass cultural connections. On the upside, “cultural imprinting” is exactly what brands want too.   

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13 February 2020 19 min listen

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By Paul McIntyre

Executive Editor

Paul McIntyre is a 25-year business journalist and Executive Editor of Mi3, a weekly intelligence briefing backed by the Media I group for the tech, media, marketing and agency sectors.

Mi3 was launched in April 2019 to distil and advance intelligent cross-sector conversations on global and local industry trends and developments that matter. 

Paul is also a contributing editor for The Australian Financial Review. He has covered media, tech, marketing and advertising for mastheads including Media in The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The New Zealand Herald and Advertising Age (US).