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Market Voice 15 Feb 2021 - 3 min read

CTV music videos: 10 million reasons media buyers can’t ignore

By Vevo - Sponsored
Vevo CTV Music Videos

Vevo reaches 4 million Australians in their living rooms each month, and 10 million Australians in total. Photo : Vevo

Music videos changed TV in the 80s. Now, they are changing the way advertisers reach audiences that are proving to be increasingly elusive on other platforms. Vevo CTV, with 30% year-on-year growth in viewership, is a major opportunity that combines massive reach, engagement, brand safety and a contextual, post-cookie buy. All of which is great news for media buyers.

What you need to know:

  • Vevo reaches 4 million Australians in their living rooms each month, and 10 million Australians in total.
  • Recent partnerships, such as one with Telstra TV, bring massive living room reach opportunities, with partnerships with other industry leaders in the works.
  • Buy alongside 500,000 premium videos from the world’s biggest artists.
  • No UGC, brand safety and transparency guaranteed.
  • Highly engaged audiences.
  • Contextual, post-cookie solution.

A bigger bang

Music videos became one of the most powerful context plays for advertisers in the 80s on the television screen, which helped build some of today’s biggest brands.

Today, Vevo is bringing music videos back into the living room through CTV, giving advertisers massive, highly engaged audiences that in an increasingly fragmented world are hard to reach and even harder to engage.

Brands can also harness a level of contextual relevance that helps them overcome the challenges of a post-cookie world – a world that arrives next year.



Appetite for disruption

CTV is experiencing hockey-stick growth and the curve is steepening: Vevo, a joint venture between Sony Music and Universal Music, is striking partnerships with the biggest players to reach more and more people.

In Australia, these partnerships include Apple TV, FireTV and most recently, Telstra TV.

“The Telstra deal means we have significantly increased pool of inventory on the big screen for advertisers,” says Steve Sos, Vevo’s  Managing Director of AU/NZ.

Vevo now reaches 4 million Australians on TVs in the living room each month. With additional partnerships in the works, that number will soon increase.

Locally, Vevo reaches 10 million people a month across all media. Globally, Vevo reaches 150 million people every day across all devices, with advertising available in 55 countries.

Critically, diversification of distribution means brands reach audiences on networks such as Vevo, otherwise being eroded by ad-free content and limited advertising opportunities.



Hybrid theory

Music videos on CTV can also help solve other pinch points: the scarcity of quality, ad-supported content inside and out of first-run programming; the continued decline of sports audiences; and the market’s descent into buying content-blind, value-priced media.

All of which is only going to get harder for advertisers to negotiate. Against that backdrop, we think music videos present a foundational counterbalance to brands and their agency partners.

Meanwhile, as the age of third-party cookies ends, context becomes paramount for media planners, buyers and marketers seeking relevant, brand safe environments to advertise within.

Vevo’s data-driven ad solutions also mean transparent placement against premium videos that map back to TV classifications.

“It does not just drive attention to a product, but it sends a clear quality signal, communicating value,” says Byron Schafer, Vevo’s SVP of Research. “With music videos, brands can cume large audiences quickly, and actually know where their ads ran.”

In today’s world, that presents a rare opportunity: the greatest hits of performance media combined with the best of brand building’s back catalogue.

For culturally relevant content that consumers actively seek out, watch, listen to and talk about, partner with Vevo.


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