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Market Voice 15 Feb 2021 - 2 min read

QMS’ insights play pays off as consumer behaviour evolves

By QMS - Sponsored

Launching just as Covid hit, outdoor company QMS’ proprietary audience platform DYNAMiQ, provided clients with a deeper understanding of consumer behaviour and movements that proved more valuable than could have ever been anticipated at the time.

Able to track audience numbers on an hourly real-time basis, the data platform has reinforced the power of digital OOH through its ability to optimise audience reach across the company’s entire screen network.

Using DSpark mobility data, QMS Chief Strategy Officer Christian Zavecz says the business has been able tap into the most accurate, granular and robust data set currently available.

“Whilst the outdoor industry is moving towards a uniform digital audience measurement solution over the next couple of years, there is an immediate need to provide granular and real-time insights for clients, particularly with the majority of the QMS network operating in the digital space,” Zavecz says.

“During COVID, DYNAMiQ enabled us to provide clients with transparent audience numbers on a weekly basis, to showcase the impact and opportunities, as audience movements changed at different times and in different locations. Enabling clients to respond to these changes in behaviour, dynamically, delivers more relevant and targeted communication messages.

“Additionally, DYNAMiQ provides access to a platform of historical data by site, which is critical to understanding seasonal and event-based impacts on audiences. Clients can then optimise their site selection by planning for changes in audience behaviour and executing accordingly.”




Where it’s worked

When looking for DYNAMiQ success stories, QMS discusses a retail client who had committed to a long-term deal. Their objective was to optimise site selection based on historic seasonal audience behaviours over a 12 month period and in line with their key sales events.

DYNAMiQ was able to deliver greater precision to their site selection through the seasonal audience analysis of relevant digital sites, structuring bespoke schedules in line with campaign flighting.

As a result, average weekly reach delivery was optimised by 10-15%.

“This is a great example of how ‘real world’ data can be transferred into actionable insights and is critical to understanding DOOH audiences and optimising campaign efficacy,” Zavecz says.

In another instance, a media client with a variety of different programmes, targeting varying demographics needed to understand the granular “ebb and flow” of viewers.

The intent was to optimise their creative rotations for each programme within a set budget.

DYNAMiQ was used to analyse data on an hourly basis, across each of their scheduled digital sites, informing a creative messaging strategy that was then able to be optimised against each of their respective target audiences.

This approach enabled the client to strategically support multiple properties within their portfolio while maximising the cost effectiveness of their overall campaign.

“The granular understanding of audience powered by DYNAMiQ is propelling the opportunity for integrated solutions that better connect data and creative,” Zavecz says.





City of Sydney reimagined

Zavecz says looking ahead, QMS will expand the platform to include the brand new City of Sydney street furniture portfolio and incorporate new data sources to provide even greater audience segmentation and analysis.

He says the critical focus for QMS now is the integration of one of the most valuable and highest demand assets in the country into the DYNAMiQ platform.

“The scale, impact and presence the City of Sydney concession now gives us in this highly valuable market, completes our premium, national audience story,” Zavecz says.

“Providing additional measures around qualitative impacts will open the doors to far richer and refined data sets.”



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