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Industry Contributor 24 Sep 2021 - 2 min read

Google’s Indented Search listings are back – and it could be a red hot opportunity for digital marketers

By Leigh-San Mo - Head of SEO, Indago Digital

Google's Indented Search listings are back – and could be a red hot opportunity for digital marketers, because it means brands can take up a massive chunk of search listings at the top of the page. Search guns that know what they are doing can push competitors bidding on the same keywords out of eyesight.

Go larger

Google’s at it again; changing things up and giving searchers new ways to view keyword results, site information and their associated links. The latest SEO update is indented results and, short answer, we like it.

On some search terms, Googlers can currently search for a keyword and see indented listings from the same top-ranking domain, giving that top spot more visibility. Presumably it’s designed to help direct searchers access the specific content they’re looking for.

Here’s a screenshot of one of our client’s listings under the search term ‘Zeller digital banks’:

More clicks

What does this mean for digital marketers? Well, one thing is red hot urgent, if your meta descriptions aren’t up to scratch, you’d better fix them up pronto as could be on display for all your visitors to see when they search your business name. It’s also another reason to avoid duplication. Mixing up your keywords and descriptions will ensure you leveraging the opportunity to attract more clicks if indented listings roll out here.

With sitelinks taking up more space in search results, if you’re ranking well, competitors bidding on the same keywords will have less visibility. That means keeping your rankings at the top or working to get them there is even more worthwhile now than ever.

Google tried this out back in 2007 and backtracked soon after. We’re hoping this isn’t another ‘blink and you miss it’ update. Assuming it’s here to stay, and it lands locally, we’ll be back with tips on how to leverage the opportunities.

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Head of SEO, Indago Digital

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