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Industry Contributor 3 Feb 2020 - 3 min read

OOH: Data-powered creative will win in 2020

By David Scribner, Chief Customer Officer - oOh!Media

The out of home industry has been stuck in a frenzy of short term metrics, causing creativity to somewhat collapse. It’s time to re-enforce the value of true creative thinking and data application in the quest for solutions that resonate with real people and take into consideration both long-term and short-term brand building. As noted in The Drum, diversification of datasets and creative interpretation/application will supercharge planning and creativity in 2020. The key for advertisers is to go beyond one single ‘source of truth’ to plan location-based campaigns and utilise data to unearth exciting human insights to influence creative thinking and deliver results for brands.


Key points:

  • We are swimming in data: understanding exactly what data we are using, why we are using it and how we are using it is key for advertisers to stay afloat.
  • In 2020, diversification of datasets and creative interpretation/application will supercharge planning and creativity.
  • Dentsu Aegis Network CMO study 2019 cites that 85 per cent of CMOs believe that creativity and big ideas build brands and create emotional connections that will deliver long term brand growth, yet only half of these CMOs think the industry is doing this well. 

We can’t predict the future, but we have the tools to build it. The out of home (OOH) market in 2020 will see trends in utilising the power of data continuing to revolutionise creative across OOH - as data gives us the power to understand exactly who our audiences are and target these audiences on a much more granular scale. Best practice for 2020 will be a balance of long- and short-term marketing strategies to build brands for long term success; and we will continue to see the use of data influencing advertiser creative – to deliver the right message, to the right audience at the right time.

Data accessibility enables advertisers to understand exactly where their buyergraphic audience is to maximise audience reach and their advertising spend. Combined with powerful creative, tailored to the audience, brands have the power to connect with their audience with the right message and drive action.

A recent ROI study conducted by Analytic Partners showed that 41 per cent of OOH effectiveness comes down to the creative copy. This measure of effectiveness is similar when looking at creative effectiveness across other media channels. More so, when it comes down to developing an emotional connection with audiences, the consideration of format and environment is key to creative performance. Investing in a piece of creative that really maximises the synergy of the emotional component of a TVC can drive results 250 per cent higher than average. 

A great example of this approach in practice is Volvo’s successful large format digital road campaign. Strategically planned using buyergraphic audience data, creative was tailored to each location to ensure the most relevant messages were delivered to the right audience. On average, the key audience was engaged 4.4 times over the campaign period. Additionally, neuroscience research was used to best identify the most powerful images for Volvo to use, enhancing the overall ROI of the campaign.

It’s proven that brand building is the main driver for long-term growth, yet advertising as an industry is in a pattern focusing on short-term versus long-term advertising. In 2020, it shouldn’t be an either/or approach, but rather ‘and’. Mark Ritson recently commented on concerns for 2020 saying ‘where you’ll see most money being withdrawn, is what should be the 60-70 per cent that should be spent on long term brand building through advertising”

My takeout for 2020? Utilise data, invest time in creative to power up brand campaigns and consider placement and context. Creativity has the power to bring a campaign to life, drive an emotional connection with your audience, and therefore enhance long term brand metrics.

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David Scribner, Chief Customer Officer


David brings a unique combination of experience as both a Chief Marketing Officer and a Chief Executive Officer in customer-centric and digitally driven challenger businesses. David was the former Chief Executive Officer of Virgin Mobile, where he oversaw significant growth based on customer first strategies

David joined oOh! in 2018 as Chief Customer Officer to support the company’s strategy and deliver on its vision of being a new Out of Home media company.

Drawing on over 20 years of experience in business and marketing, David is focused on driving oOh! to new levels of customer-centric focus and development. As well as Virgin Mobile, David has proven experience in some of Australia’s largest brands - such as Telstra, Nestle, and AGL - to achieve valuable consumer-brand relationships in B2B and B2C audiences.

David holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) from the University of New South Wales. He is also the current Chair of Ad Standards, having previously served on the Board of the Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA).

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