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A Show Called Brandin'

Mi3 has teamed-up with LinkedIn and Dan Gregory, former Gruen Transfer panelist, ex-adman and co-founder with Kieran Flanagan of The Behaviour Report to launch a new [slightly irreverent] industry show galloping across brands in culture, creativity and commerce called A Show Called Brandin'. Think fast, funny and smart but it won't hurt your brain as we all stumble towards the summer break. The stellar cast includes founders from Net-A-Porter, Mr Wagyu and celebrity chef Manu Feildel and Chief Marketing and Customer Officers from Xero, The Commonwealth Bank, Volvo, Suncorp, Australia Post, IBM, Deloitte, IAG, Salesforce, Hipages and Simply Energy.

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A Show Called Brandin 1 Dec 2020 - 36 mins

Top CMOs on how Bunnings, Woolies, Atlassian and Four Pillars Gin are saving the world

The fifth and final episode of A Show Called Brandin’ for 2020 sees marketers from CommBank, Xero and Simply Energy share the emotional connections and reignited passions for brands that got them through Covid. However, B2B marketers in Australia and New Zealand are twice as likely to use rational messaging than emotional - big mistake? Does advertising that appeals to the heart fill the funnel with new and out-market customers? Watch the show to find out.

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A Show Called Brandin 24 Nov 2020 - 32 mins

A Show Called Brandin': Marketers good at selling to customers, not for winning new ones

The fourth episode of A Show Called Brandin’ explores why marketers have got really good at selling to people who are already buying but less so at winning over new customers. Going narrow isn't really working, so brands seeking growth need to start working on tomorrow's customers now – and all that fuss over millennials is about to pay off big time. 

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A Show Called Brandin 17 Nov 2020 - 33 mins

A Show Called Brandin' - balancing brand and performance, why marketers are fluffing ROI measurement and what not to ask in pitches

The third episode of A Show Called Brandin’ unpicks: why balancing brand spend versus activation is getting harder post-Covid; how marketers are flubbing ROI measurement; and why brands risk becoming blands. Net-A-Porter cofounder Megan QuinnSpark Foundry CEO Imogen HewittDeloitte CMO Rochelle Tognetti and Volvo CMO Julie Hutchinson balance wit and wisdom in roughly equal measure.

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A Show Called Brandin 11 Nov 2020 - 30min

A Show Called Brandin': Brent Smart, Jodie Sangster and Manu Feildel on brand fame, Aldi's middle aisle and the world's best and worst airlines

The second episode of A Show Called Brandin' dives into why brand fame burns pathways into our brains and shortcuts to the checkout. On the CMO Couch IAG's Brent Smart and IBM's Jodie Sangster work up a lather about their best - and worst - brands and experiences, while Australia's sauciest Frenchman, Manu Feildel, shares his recipe for success.

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A Show Called Brandin 3 Nov 2020 - 33 mins

Suncorp and Australia Post CMOs on the brands and media channels they rate

Welcome to a brand new five-part video series on brands in culture, creativity and culture  that won't fry your brain. We talk to CMOs, celebrity chefs and shakedown Ted Talk's third most popular speaker of all time, Simon Sinek. In this edition CMOs from Suncorp and Australia Post, Mim Haysom and Amber Collins get personal as consumers, not marketers, and a futurist and a farmer talk  "the new customer". Former ad man and Gruen panellist Dan Gregory and his Behaviour Report co-founder Kieran Flanagan take a fast and occasionally funny ride through Peter Field and Les Binet's famed work on marketing effectiveness and the five principles of brand management for B2B and B2C marketing. 

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