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Mi3 Fourcast, a four-part series supported by Nine, explores key themes marketers and the broader industry will need to keep a watch on for 2021.

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A Show Called Brandin' AANA Reset Now
Mi3 Fourcast 10 Nov 2020 - 22:05 mins

Tourism Australia is preparing to go extra large as soon as border restrictions ease, says content head Anita Godbeer. Internationally we may yet see Matesong return for a second hurrah, while TA is also rethinking TV in a bid to do something a bit different. Meanwhile it has culled content to double down on quality, a strategy IAG's Zara Curtis strongly advocates, and which has seen engagement rates soar 60% for the insurer. Nine content supremo Adrian Swift also has a word or two for brands aiming to tap pent up demand for travel shows - which are booming.

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Mi3 Fourcast 13 Oct 2020 - 25:54 mins

What makes effective advertising? In the second of Mi3’s Fourcast 2021 series, McDonald’s Director of Marketing Jo Feeney, Saatchi & Saatchi CEO Anthony Gregorio, Brand Traction Director Jon Bradshaw and Nine Director of Effectiveness Jonathan Fox debate the good – Aldi - and the not so good, which in their opinion, includes  Darrell Lea. Plus they discuss where brand marketers go for 2021. The Fourcast series is supported by Nine.

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Mi3 Fourcast 7 Oct 2020 - 19:49 mins

"It's all about growth" says Coles CMO Lisa Ronson on a shift to people-based marketing and why the supermarket was the first to sign-up to Nine and Adobe's audience matching platform. OMD's National Chief Investment Officer, Melissa Hey, thinks it could be the start of a market-wide shift as brands test the effectiveness of premium versus social targeting at scale. Adobe MD, Suzanne Steele outlines the post-Covid winners and losers and the urgent need to drive more customers through newly built "digital front doors". All of which is music to the ears of Michael Stephenson, Chief Sales Officer at Nine.

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