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News 12 Oct 2021 - 2 min read

Publicis Groupe adds programmatic buying with new attention metric, claims big gains at lower cost

By Sam Buckingham-Jones - Senior Writer
Jason Tonelli and Rob Hall

"The tailwinds are building behind [Attention Time] becoming a new currency for media and the next frontier is a real-time activation in the programmatic ecosystem," Rob Hall (left), CEO of Playground xyz, said.

As the race for effective attention measurement heats up, Publicis Group joins the runners, stating brands can start buying media programmatically using Playground xyz’s platform.

What you need to know:

  • Publicis Groupe has announced a partnership with Playground xyz’s Attention Intelligence Platform, which means brands can buy digital media using Attention Time as a metric.
  • The announcement comes as brands start to get serious about buying attention – not just clicks – as a way of measuring advertising effectiveness.

Publicis Groupe states its client brands can now buy and adjust programmatic digital campaigns by how much attention an ad received, through a partnership with marketing technology company Playground xyz.

In a pilot campaign using attention data with luxury retail brand Oroton, housed within Spark Foundry, Publicis claimed it could demonstrate a 25 per cent lift in conversions and 20 per cent decrease in costs per acquisition (CPA).

“This presents a major opportunity for us to evolve our planning, measurement and optimisation, and ability to reduce wastage,” said Prue Thomas, General Manager of Marketing and Digital at Oroton.

Jason Tonelli, Chief Product Officer at Publicis Groupe ANZ, said Playground xyz’s Attention Intelligence Platform means attention data was not just confined to planning, but could be added and measured in programmatic buying.

One such metric is “attention time”, which is informed by eye tracking data from an opted-in panel. This means brands can buy and adjust digital campaigns based on the length of time, in seconds, that users are looking at an ad.

“This allows Publicis agencies to use one platform to ‘close the loop’ from planning to measurement and all the way to activation an end-to-end integration that is the first of its kind globally,” Tonelli said.

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