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News 4 Aug 2022 - 2 min read

Pedestrian’s Vanessa Lawrence tapped for NY role at Linkby

By Sam Buckingham-Jones - Deputy Editor
Vanessa Lawrence

Vanessa Lawrence said she's going to miss Pedestrian but looks forward to working with Chris Wirasinha once again.

After six years at Pedestrian Group, Vanessa Lawrence will soon move to New York to join Pedestrian’s co-founder, Chris Wirasinha, on his new business, Linkby. The platform raised $5m earlier this year, and connects brands’ content to publishers in a marketplace.

What you need to know:

  • Pedestrian Group publisher Vanessa Lawrence has been tapped to join Linkby, the New Yorkbased company set up by Pedestrian co-founder Chris Wirasinha.
  • She will move later this year, finishing at Pedestrian in September.

Adtech platform Linkby has lured Vanessa Lawrence, the publisher of Pedestrian Group, to New York in a newly created Chief Content Officer role. She’ll move later this year, finishing up at Pedestrian in September.

Lawrence, who has spent six years at Pedestrian and leads a team of 45, will report to Linkby’s CEO and co-founder, Chris Wirasinha, the co-founder of Pedestrian.

Linkby connects brands with quality publishers in a marketplace, pitching content and monetising it with a performance, cost-per-click layer. The start up raised $5 million in a seed round to scale the platform.

“Vanessa is the single most impressive mind I’ve come across in the Australian publishing landscape and, after two stints working together at Pedestrian over the years, I can’t wait to watch Vanessa apply her unique mix of editorial insight and commercial acumen to driving Linkby’s growth on a global scale,” Wirasinha said.

Lawrence said: “While I’m going to miss Pedestrian Group terribly, I’m excited to once again work closely with Chris - and the wider Linkby team - to foster relationships between premium brands and some of the world’s biggest digital publishers in a way that benefits their audiences as much as the bottom line.”

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