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Intelligence Briefs

The Facebook boycott: a chance to properly probe effectiveness - is 1.7 seconds enough?

Jonathan Fox, Director of Effectiveness

Industry Contributor

Jonathan Fox, Director of Effectiveness - Nine

My Takeout: Facebook users spend an average of 1.7 seconds with each item of Facebook content. Very few consumers make it 50% of the way through Facebook video ads, providing a very...

WFH versus the office for building culture: Danny Bass is only half right

Sarah Wyse

Industry Contributor

Sarah Wyse - Head of AFL Media Network

My Takeout: A great working culture and a healthy business have nothing to do with where you get your work done. I agree with Danny Bass when he says businesses who have...

OOH's second brush with lockdown: survival of the smartest

Bruce Mundell, Group Director - Customer Strategy

Industry Contributor

Bruce Mundell, Group Director - Customer Strategy - oOh!Media

My Takeout: If you were a leader of our country, what would you have chosen to do in a global pandemic? Especially with no rulebook and a limited understanding of the virus...

Finding a new media agency partner in a new world - cheap versus deep

Jen Davidson, Managing Partner

Industry Contributor

Jen Davidson, Managing Partner - Tumbleturn Media

My Takeout: As many clients align their businesses behind a customer-centred approach, this same thinking should apply to the construct of your agency mix. What type of media partner can you work...

Talking to a divided nation - Gen Z holds the clues

Andrew Knowles, Partner

Industry Contributor

Andrew Knowles, Partner - SKMG

My Takeout: The Lab and Nature certainly paint a picture of a more concerned and cautious Australia than brands may have anticipated – highlighting that even before the recent outbreak in Victoria...

Riding the Podcast wave - ad revenues up 48%, digital critics listen up

Gai Le Roy, CEO

Industry Contributor

Gai Le Roy, CEO - IAB

My Takeout: Revenue considerations aside - there were five key points in the Report that caught my eye and should be of considerable interest to Australian agencies and marketers: 1. US advertisers...

Keeping your brand out of the tech giant’s crosshairs

Ben Willee, General Manager

Industry Contributor

Ben Willee, General Manager - Spinach Advertising

My Takeout: The digital landscape really is an ever-evolving beast, one which we have a decreasing level of control over. There’s been plenty of talk about the death of the third party...

Influencer marketing, the digital word of mouth- it’s part of the ‘modern’ marketing mix + more…

Stephen Howard, Director of Marketing

Industry Contributor

Stephen Howard, Director of Marketing - Ovolo Hotels

My Takeout: Awareness is the ultimate goal of influencer marketing, however the usage of these influencer needs to directly align with a particular strategy and scale of the business driven on a...

An indie agency 'back into the groove'

Nick Behr, CEO

Industry Contributor

Nick Behr, CEO - Kaimera

My Takeout: It’s one thing to say your business is agile, but there’s nothing like a pandemic to reveal chinks in the armour. Our agility ensured we could respond quickly to the...

How many marketers does it take to sell a lightbulb?

Sunita Gloster, Founder

Industry Contributor

Sunita Gloster, Founder - Gloster Advisory

My Takeout: ‘If marketing were a brand, you would fire the CMO’ were Thomas Barta’s words in Marketing Week , 2018. They still echo loudly. “The marketing profession needs an urgent relaunch;...