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Intelligence Briefs

Disney says it doesn’t need data to make great shows

Liana Dubois, Director of Powered

Industry Contributor

Liana Dubois, Director of Powered - Nine

My Takeout: While the Netflix versus Disney data versus creativity stoush is fun there are real lessons here for everyone in media and marketing. In today’s technology-led world we often want to...

Oh Crap, Amazon: Where to (and what) next for retailers?

Emma Lo Russo, CEO and co-founder

Industry Contributor

Emma Lo Russo, CEO and co-founder - Digivizer

My Takeout: Retailers shuttering stores continues a trend fuelled by low wage growth, international competition, an arguably stagnant economy, and ever-changing consumer buying preferences and habits. The solution to how retail businesses...

Independents Day - industry flux and upheaval a global opportunity

Brett Dawson, CEO

Industry Contributor

Brett Dawson, CEO - Bohemia

My Takeout: When W+K speaks, we should all listen. And W+K has spoken, in the form of David Luhr, who told the Worldwide Partners CoLab that independence is “everything” and losing it...

Women’s sport: The conversation needs to shift from equal pay, to equal marketing

Bianca Wallis, National Director of Content

Industry Contributor

Bianca Wallis, National Director of Content - Publicis Media ANZ

My Takeout: Growing up playing sport, on a few occasions I was lucky enough to have been judged on my ability rather than my gender. I was selected to play baseball in...

Personalisation: the most important marketing trend of the century?

Ben Willee, GM and Media Director

Industry Contributor

Ben Willee, GM and Media Director - Spinach Advertising

My Takeout: Personalisation when done poorly can be creepier than a clown in the forest late at night, but that shouldn’t mean we stay away entirely. Because when it’s done well, it...

Data ownership legislation probably won’t protect children

Teresa Davis, Associate Professor, Marketing

Industry Contributor

Teresa Davis, Associate Professor, Marketing - University of Sydney Business School

My Takeout: With the FTC investigating YouTube’s harvesting of children’s data, marketers must urgently understand where to draw the line between gleaning useful data and violating personal rights. As Lorenz points out...

What the f**k is data driven creativitiy?

James Proctor, Creative Director

Industry Contributor

James Proctor, Creative Director - One Small Step Collective

My Takeout: We all understand data driven marketers but what about the data driven creatives? What happens with an unholy alliance between creativity and data? Marketing armageddon? Nah, it’s pretty damn good...

We need more marketers with data science skills - right now

Suryabala Shenbagamurthy, Performance Manager

Industry Contributor

Suryabala Shenbagamurthy, Performance Manager - Ikon Communications

My Takeout: For all the talk of data-driven marketing, few are actually doing it. The problem is not raw resource, but marketers' inability to unlock data's value. Customer data is in abundance....

Redundancy: How to come up smelling of roses on someone else's dime

Henny Darvall, Commercial Director

Industry Contributor

Henny Darvall, Commercial Director - Cartelux

My Takeout: A couple of months ago my boss called me to tell me that his role was being made redundant after seven great years with the company. As we chatted I...

The one metric we need to focus on

Aimee Buchanan, CEO

Industry Contributor

Aimee Buchanan, CEO - OMD Australia

My Takeout: The topic of measurement brings to mind a quote I once read, it states one of the biggest mistakes made by marketers, and agencies, is to “value most highly that...