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Value Creators Forum

The Value Creators Forum is an invite-only six-part, Mi3-Accenture roundtable series with 16 of Australia’s top CMOs. Conducted under Chatham House Rule to ensure candour and provide for robust debate, this series shares and challenges the broadening remit and influence of marketing post-Covid.

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Value Creators Forum 7 Jun 2022 - 7 min read

Nicky Sparshott, Unilever’s ANZ CEO, is the second high-profile company leader to headline an invite-only Mi3-Accenture Song roundtable series – The Value Creators Forum. To ensure candour, the conversation was under Chatham House Rule although Sparshott has agreed to be quoted on some of Unilever’s journey to purpose for its stable of 400 global brands. Sparshott says public attitudes in Australia have moved markedly in five years and Unilever wants to keep setting the pace for industry on the purpose nexus between profit, people and the planet. For their part, the 20 blue chip CMOs – Sparshott was one before her rise to the top – probed the merits of purposeful brands and the tension in brand versus corporate purpose. Here’s Mi3’s abridged account of the debate.


Value Creators Forum 25 May 2021 - 7 min read

The widely regarded former CEO of IBM and Telstra and current chair of the $17bn tech darling Xero, payments group Tyro and the CSIRO, David Thodey (AO), opened the first of an invite-only six-part, Mi3-Accenture roundtable series – The Value Creators Forum – with 16 of Australia’s top CMOs. To ensure candour, there’s no names or attributing quotes under the Chatham House Rule, but the high-energy, robust debate traversed why boards, company leadership and brands and marketing are lagging the world in the global sustainability crisis. And more broadly, what’s holding back broader business innovation in Australia. Does marketing have a role to play and if so, why isn’t it? Here’s Mi3’s abridged account of the lively, three-hour dinner debate.          

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