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Market Voice 14 Jun 2022 - 2 min read

A tale of two funnels: How Georg Jensen drove a 54 per cent increase in buyers and a sales surge and Canva-funded start-up Calven drove 7x web enquiries

By Bel Harper, - Acting Chief Product Officer, oOh!media | Partner Content

Sales attribution in OOH is here, so goodbye, ‘I think I saw that ad ’, Hello! ‘I bought the product’.

OOH has undeniable mass reach credentials. But the performance proof-points are rapidly rising. Two brands at the opposite end of the spectrum have driven massive tangible growth using data driven planning mapped to audience segments and the results are outstanding says oOh!media’s Bel Harper.

You know things are getting interesting when even ThinkTV states that Out of Home (OOH) is ranked second overall in its ability to drive sales volume in both the long and short term (1). OOH has traditionally relied on pre and post awareness studies to prove its worth, which over time has evolved to econometric modelling, where we started to see how OOH stacks up against other channels from an ROI perspective. 

The OOH sector has also continued to invest in standardised measurement to ensure a transparent and even playing field. At oOh!, further to advancements in industry measurement, we have partnered with Quantium to match more than 400 customer segments, plus bespoke brand segments to our 35,000 locations allowing clients to plan to reach the ‘better many’ amongst our 15.38M active Australians we consistently reach - category buyers at scale (2). This capability has extended to the ability to not only optimise placement in the planning stage, but then to measure real, not claimed campaign outcomes.  Sales attribution in OOH is here, so goodbye, ‘I think I saw that ad ’, Hello! ‘I bought the product’. Efficient reach, a scaled network and now sales attribution.

This evolution strengthens OOH’s presence and role in the mix through the ability to drive campaign outcomes across both long and short-term objectives, and not just for B2C – with strong results for B2B brands being achieved through audience based planning.


Results: Georg Jensen sees 54 per cent buyergrowth

Let’s look at two distinctly different campaigns, including a B2B tech start-up targeting business decision makers, Calven, and the long-established luxury jewellery and homeware consumer brand, Georg Jensen. Both campaign studies demonstrate just how powerful our ability to measure campaigns can be and additionally the results that prove  ‘OOH = ROI’

Using our SmartReach planning tool (powered by Quantium), we selected locations where the data demonstrated the highest reach of the category buyer across our Enterprise product suite; premium office towers, airports and the Qantas lounge and inflight environments. For Calven, we used the data to optimise reach targeting the 850,000 (3) monthly unique business decision makers and C-Suites. For Georg Jensen, we aimed the campaign at the 250,000+ luxury boutique buyers (3) who have purchased brands such as Hermes, Chanel and Louis Vuitton.

Couple SmartReach with the contextual environments and their benefits, delivering long dwell, multiple touchpoints, the use of full motion digital, video and engaging content and utility to drive attention. Both campaigns were run exclusively with oOh! in April this year.

Georg Jensen sought to re-establish its relationship with customers off-line and drive sales. “We needed to prove that OOH could drive a positive outcome for the brand, both enhancing the perception of Georg Jensen in premium environments where our customers could see, relate and aspire to buy our pieces, as well as drive tangible and measurable action,” said Georg Jensen CEO, Anne Sullivan. “We targeted customers with the audience segment based on their transactions, i.e. the ‘luxury goods’ category - people who spend on high end products like ours. Then we were able to measure the campaign – sales uplift, brand and category performance, the split of new customers versus existing, age, affluence and more.  The results are compelling,” she added,

“We saw a 54 per cent uplift in the number of customers shopping at Georg Jensen over the campaign period, and we outperformed our category by 28 per cent. We saw sales of the featured product, our Fusion Collection grow by over 25 per cent, an increase in both physical and online store visitation, as well as receiving positive feedback from customers who, unprompted, talked about seeing and loving the advertising campaign. We’re thrilled.”


Results: Canva-funded Calven sees enquiries and traffic soar

At the other end of the established brand spectrum is hybrid work tech start-up, Calven, freshly seed funded by AirTree, Canva, and other high-profile investors, with sights set on rapidly expanding its customer base. Using the data to plan the campaign placement for Calven delivered incredibly strong results. Jeremy Pollak, CEO and co-Founder at Calven shared that aside from customer interest, the brand reported immediate results. These included:

  • 7x uplift in direct web enquiries
  • 34 per cent increase in overall web traffic (44 per cent coming from organic search)
  • Candidate applications more than double during the campaign
  • Significant unsolicited investor interest
  • Having the exclusive oOh! Enterprise campaign mentioned in the majority of client meetings by external parties and
  • The campaign instigated an opportunity now progressing with a global organisation after a travelling executive saw the campaign displayed in the Australian HQ building lift.

“As a B2B tech start-up we needed a quick way to grow our brand awareness and importantly recognition amongst business decision-makers. Having this kind of targeting across the right locations in every CBD and airport CBD in Australia also helped us shape our brand perception – positioning us as a forward-thinking, credible tech solution to enable the future of work,” said Pollak. “This is a topic that is on every leader's agenda, and we’ve been able to place our brand in front of Australia’s business community en-masse. The campaign has had a significant impact on the perception of our brand amongst potential clients and talent.”

There are only a few essential ingredients marketers and agencies demand: planning efficiency, understanding where their audience is and tangible ROI. OOH has a proven branding and consideration role, but the bottom of funnel has always felt out of reach, being once removed from the click. Not anymore.

So we welcome the new frontier of attribution for Out of Home and are now opening up this opportunity to our clients broadly so we can continue to demonstrate OOH’s ability to drive demonstrable long and short-term results that are quantifiable and measurable.

Now is the right time to be in the great outdoors.



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