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News 18 Nov 2021 - 3 min read

Transaction, GPS data and 70% digital screens: QMS reveals City of Sydney plans

By Sam Buckingham-Jones - Senior Writer
QMS Jemma Enright

"One of the most compelling elements of the City of Sydney is the audience. It's an audience ready to power results, at scale, and at speed," Jemma Enright, QMS GM, City of Sydney, says.

The City of Sydney street furniture network has a new look and a new start date: April 2022. QMS says it is integrating new data sets and signing up launch partner advertisers across the 800-plus screens, a large proportion of which will be digital.

What you need to know:

  • QMS has added two new data sets to its City of Sydney street furniture network, which will be available from April next year.
  • Transaction data and GPS / mobility data will be able to be used for campaigns.

Outdoor media company QMS will add GPS and transaction data for advertisers who buy into its takeover of the City of Sydney street furniture network, touting larger, digital screens, and segment-based packs for advertisers.

QMS was appointed to an exclusive, 10-year agreement, with a further five-year option, in June last year. The network includes more than 800 panels, 70 per cent of which will be digital by the time it is available to advertisers in April next year. There will be a newly designed set of bus shelters, communication panels, kiosks and public toilets to replace the current furniture, which was built in 1997.

The QMS team have “painstakingly profiled” the City of Sydney sites, QMS General Manager of the project, Jemma Enright, said in an update on Thursday.

“The QMS street furniture network reaches 2.6m people every week,” Enright said. “We are stepping it up to bring new data sets capable of powering improved outcomes for our advertisers.”

QMS have added two new data sets to its DYNAMiQ platform: mobility data from DSpark, and transaction data, supported by Hemisphere.  

The Out of Home company says this is a lucrative area. The City of Sydney covers 26 sq km and, according to QMS, more than half of its residents are managers or professionals, 44 per cent have a household income of more than $140,000, and 49 per cent are big spenders on lifestyle products and services.

QMS is set to launch the network in April 2022 for a group of advertisers. It won the contract from JCDecaux, whose contract was extended from 2018.


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