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News 21 Apr 2022 - 2 min read

Convo Ink adds attention measurement dashboard

By Sam Buckingham-Jones - Deputy Editor
Convo Ink Aaron Macarthur

Convo Ink CEO, Aaron Macarthur.

Convo Ink, a content marketing platform, has added a Quality Attention Score metric to its dashboard that connects publishers, content producers and marketers. In the arms race for attention metrics, Convo Ink says its solution is a more holistic view, rather than just looking at channel or environment.

What you need to know:

  • Convo Ink has launched attention measurement metrics for its content marketing platform.
  • CEO Aaron Macarthur says Quality Attention Score combines time in view, engagement and environment, and is more rigorous than other metrics.

Content marketing company Convo Ink has created an audience measurement platform that optimises attention for campaigns using content, in what it describes as an Australian first.

Launched in September, Convo Ink is an engine that connects marketers, content producers and publishers to share branded content at scale.

Convo Ink’s Quality Attention Score (QAS) is an algorithm that combines time in view, engagement and environment, and is viewable on the company’s dashboard.

“The big difference in our attention metric is that we are not just looking at siloed factors such as the channel or environment. Our Quality Attention Score also analyses how the format and content combines to impact attention. It is a much more holistic view of the attention ecosystem,” Convo Ink CEO Aaron Macarthur said.

All campaigns with the company have a live feed of attention, allowing advertisers to optimise content to those metrics.

Convo Ink was created by former media sales exec Macarthur and Adam Crampton, now CTO.

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