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Nine set to launch new multichannel 9Rush

By Press release - Nine

22 March 2020 1min read

By Press release - Nine

22 March 2020 1min read

Nine will launch 9Rush, the new home of adventure and adrenaline reality programming, in partnership with Discovery Inc. on April 5.

9Rush, Australia’s latest multi-channel, will be designated as Channel 96.

9Rush will commence at 7.00pm on Sunday, April 5 with the exclusive premiere of the new series of Top Gear UK, featuring Australia’s British import, Freddie Flintoff (who is part of the commentary team on Australian Ninja Warrior).

The new channel will also house Discovery’s extensive back catalogue of globally renowned, real-life entertainment content. All titles are brand new, free-to-air-first programs.

“Nine are thrilled to partner with Discovery to deliver premium, free to air first content. As a global leader in real-life entertainment, Discovery’s dedication to serving audiences with content which inspires, informs and entertains is second to none,” said Nine’s Program Director, Hamish Turner.

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By Press release - Nine

22 March 2020 1min read

Market Voice

Marketers: Invest in growth, not legacy agency structures

Marketers have a simple decision to make. Do they want media investment that drives results, or one that pays for holding groups to restructure, says RyanCap CEO Simon Ryan.

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Simon Ryan

CEO, RyanCap

Scale, influence, buying power: We need to talk about talk radio audiences

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Richard Hunwick

Director of Sales, Television and Radio, Nine