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News 24 Jan 2022 - 1 min read

No beef patties, special sauce: Alt meat firm hires The One Centre to take brand global

By Staff writer

Aussie food tech firm hired The One Centre to create its brand. Now the firm is tasking the agency with helping it crack global markets in a bid to scale its plant-based protein products.

Australian plant-based firm All G Foods has hired The One Centre to beef-up its brand and positioning across its portfolio, including alternative protein brand Buds.

All G, founded by Jan Pacas, last year secured $16m in seed funding with products now stocked by IGA.

Sydney-based The One Centre had already created the brands' key pillars and assets and will now help All G in its bid to go global.

“All G is a food tech pioneer, innovating limitless ways to make good protein for a growing planet,” said The One Centre founder and CEO John Ford. “Its next-generation milk and meat, made from plants and smart biology, is helping address our planet’s sustainability challenge with inexhaustible alternatives that are all good.”

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