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Market Voice 31 May 2022 - 3 min read

Make advertising interesting: Interactive and dynamic CTV creative the next big opportunity for brands – delivering 6x engagement compared to interactive mobile

By Shani Kugenthiran - Digital Advertising Strategy & Product Director, Paramount Australia & New Zealand | Partner Content

The popularity and focus on innovative ad executions during the US Newfronts was a clear sign that the industry is leaning in and re-committing to making advertising interesting again.

Don’t just re-use linear creative on Connected TVs – it’s a different, and far more exciting, medium. It can personalise and target ads to specific people, at scale, on the biggest screen in the house, writes Paramount ANZ’s Shani Kugenthiran. Increasingly, per our US counterparts, it’s being bought programmatically. Pause ads, dynamic overlays and virtual product placements are the future, so lean in now.

Connected TVs add an impressive layer of addressability to the most powerful advertising medium: TV. But just as valuable as finding the right viewers at the right time is what advertisers are showing them.

The Connected TV (CTV) experience is perfect for personalised creative. The audience has more control than ever and are open to new creative ad experiences.

CTV was built to give more control and choice to the viewer. Advertisers should follow suit.

Quantifying captivating creative

TV sits on top of the marketing funnel with its mighty ability to generate mass awareness with lean-in content and high engagement. CTV can add to that by letting brands go beyond the first impression, choosing where to take consumers within the funnel. In the recent Innovid global benchmarks report, Interactive CTV advertising delivers a 6x increase in engagement rate compared to interactive mobile advertising – 5.42 per cent to mobile’s 0.85 per cent.

Globally, brands that layer in these advanced ad experiences are seeing a significant lift in aided and unaided brand recall, brand favourability ratings, and purchase intent. According to Hulu research, interactive ad units see a 50 per cent increase in ad recall and a 45 per cent increase in purchase intent.

The popularity and focus on innovative ad executions during the US Newfronts was a clear sign that the industry is leaning in and re-committing to making advertising interesting again.

And at Paramount ANZ, the strategy is to provide full-funnel advertising products: Offering TV-like advertising opportunities alongside more sophisticated made-for-CTV advertising solutions.

Creative continues to conquer

Today’s TV screen is a blank canvas for advertisers to unleash their creative genius to capture the attention of their target audience. 

The opportunity with Connected TV lies in creating more meaningful impressions through the creative. Why say the same thing over and over to the same (or wrong) person, when you can personalise the message, engage the viewer, go deeper, and drive action all on the same big screen?

Creative is still a key element in driving advertising success. Ipsos found 75 per cent of advertising impact is attributed to creative. The way consumers engage with content is challenging standard video advertising practices – CTV is one way creativity in ads is accelerating.

Here’s to more D&M’s

Data-driven, non-disruptive, immersive and interactive creative is driving deeper and more meaningful connections to audiences.

Formats like pause ads, dynamic overlays and virtual product placements powered by innovative advertising technology companies like TripleLift & Innovid are already delivering meaningful outcomes.

A TripleLift and Mediascience custom lab study of virtual brand integration campaigns found there was a 50 per cent increase in brand recall, and ad engagement increased 11 per cent, when regular video ads were paired with virtual brand integrations.

Programmatic power

Programmatic should be accelerating creative CTV ads in Australia – it allows for easier trading, transparency, measurability, optimisation and execution at scale.

Looking to Paramount in the US, we are seeing programmatic demand for interactive CTV ads surge due to agency demand combined with growing CTV supply.

In fact, according to BrightLine and Magnite in 2021, more than half of the top 200 of the top TV advertisers in the US were already executing interactive and dynamic advertising across connected TV buys. More than 60 per cent of the top 100 advertisers were doing this programmatically.

Dynamically data-driven

Dynamic creative optimisation lets brands’ TVCs work harder for them, allowing brands to custom-target ads at individual households in real-time.

Technology platforms like Kerv Interactive help advertisers establish relevance by applying real-time circumstance to their ads. Allowing brands to dynamically and visually identify what is in a CTV ad and connect it with a product feed, companion activation, a dynamic geobased activation or an intersection of all the above.

Light at the end of the funnel

CTV provides prime advertising real estate on the biggest screen in the house and advertisers can leverage both scalable and premium creative opportunities.

As streaming continues to evolve and technology becomes more advanced, there is an increasing degree of flexibility in the types of creative advertising experiences available to advertisers. 

Connecting creativity to CTV allows for more meaningful consumer connections, deeper engagement and the ability to move audiences seamlessly through the marketing funnel.

So, instead of reusing your linear creative and potentially missing out on more exciting advertising opportunities, adapt your creative to maximise the diverse capabilities of Connected TV.

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