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The Rise of Retailer Media

Mi3, supported by Resolution Digital, has taken a deep dive into Australia’s retailer media market, outlining the size of the prize, how much individual retailers could make, their strategies, where the money might come from and the broader implications, opportunities and threats for brands, media owners and agencies. 

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Resolution Digital
The Rise of Retailer Media 13 Sep 2021 - 5 min read

Almost all Australian retailers are thinking about launching owned media businesses, according to Omnicom-owned Resolution Digital – and not just within FMCG. The question is who will be next? Bunnings or will Wesfarmers go the whole hog, and will it spawn a raft of specialist retailer media agencies?

The Rise of Retailer Media 6 Sep 2021 - 3 min read

The CMO of Winning Group, a near $1 billion privately-owned Australian online retailer whose brands include Appliances Online, says the supermarkets have much to learn when it comes to selling media across their platforms. "We have a way to maximise profits for the business that I think some of the big guys don't yet understand," says former Woolworths exec, Sven Lindell. "We're selling a marketing program, not pixels on a page."

The Rise of Retailer Media 1 Sep 2021 - 3 min read

Mi3 has produced a 28-page report on retailer media and the ramifications of a predicted surge in growth for Australia's brands, agencies and publishers. The next wave of market entrants is imminent – and it goes way beyond FMCG. "It will be the money you plan first. It will take more money from the market", according to one consultant. The question is where from. 


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